Storage Size Guide

Our Storage Units

We have 22+ unit sizes to choose from, which means you’ll find just the right size to fit your storage needs and budget. You’ll never have to worry about paying for more storage space than you actually need. This guide features some standard sizes to help you determine which size range might be best for your storage needs. Most of our units are in excess of 8 feet in height.

5' x 5' Storage Unit

At approximately 25 sq ft of space this unit can hold the contents of a walk in closet or small room. Perfect for making some extra room in your home or storing file boxes from the office.

5' x 10' Storage Unit

At approximately 50 sq ft of space this unit is great for storing the contents of a small apartment, including a number of boxes, kitchen appliances, a small bedroom set & chairs.

5' x 15' Storage Unit

At approximately 75 sq ft this unit is great for storing the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment. Ideal for furniture including a small dining set, couch, chair, sporting equipment, bicycles, business merchandise and seasonal items.

10' x 10' Storage Unit

At approximately 100 sq ft of space this unit is our most popular size. Perfect for storing the contents of a 2 bedroom living space with king-size mattresses, larger appliances, boxes, dining room sets and assorted furniture.

10' x 15' Storage Unit

With approximately 150 sq ft of space this unit is great for a two-bedroom apartment or house, including appliances, boxes and miscellaneous items, or commercial inventory storage.

10' x 20' Storage Unit

With approximately 200 sq ft this unit is ideal for a three-bedroom house with major appliances, and lots of boxes. This unit can easily accommodate shelving for business customers with large inventories. As a drive up unit this is the first size to consider for vehicle storage.

10' x 25' Storage Unit

With approximately 250 sq ft this unit can fit the contents of a fully furnished 3 bedroom house, including oversized items such as mattress sets, a couch, dressers, a refrigerator, a washer/dryer, a dining room set, an entertainment center and all the boxes from your move.

10' x 30' Storage Unit

With approximately 300 sq ft of space this is the big one. Can accommodate a four-to five-bedroom house with major appliances and room for all of your boxes. Also, as a drive up accessible unit this size could be a good option for a boat or trailer.

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